Exclusive Property Listing Final Draft

Message from our Director: Our featured exclusive

As part of our unique offer to you, you have been invited to view some of the most exclusive properties in the market; properties that no one else is aware are up for sale.
We trust that you will find the properties specific, and able to meet your current property needs.

In our continuing relationship with you, we will endeavour to keep you, our trusted client, up to date with exclusive properties such as these; that are under-the-radar, appointment-only, off-MLS luxury real estate properties. With us, both the buyer and owner experience the highest level of care and personal attention. These are extraordinary properties–exclusive retreats, architectural gems and modern masterpieces in prime locations around the country and world.

 For our dear sellers, we offer you an advantage in that the interests we will forward to you will often come from the most serious buyers, able to transact and close sales deals quickly.

We have access to many sought-after, off-market properties that are excluded from the public domain and our task is to connect buyers to sellers with maximum discretion, confidentiality, and with minimum fuss.

We also have a presence in key overseas locations and a large database of active Buyers, Investors & Developers which can be viewed by clicking

To access the Off Market section, Prospective Buyers & Sellers must commit to:

  • To hold the Information in strict confidence and to take all reasonable precautions to protect such information.

  • Shall not circumvent, avoid, by-pass, or obviate each other’s interest.

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