Kenya is quite an attractive investment opportunity for both local and overseas-based investors seeking attractive and long-term returns, and specifically in the real estate sector.

At Charringtons, we take pride in our ability to remember our deep Kenyan roots, in spite of the fact that we’ve been established and grown in a European setting.

There are numerous opportunities in Kenya to own and develop property. Sadly, there are many who will be interested in short-changing naïve investors, who may not have an understanding of the local market.

Our great offer is in our promise to always treat you with respect and professionalism; to present you with our most seasoned advice to help you make the right decision when investing in a property here in Kenya.

Because we are so invested in forming and maintaining long lasting partnerships, we have a deep interest in our clients’ perception of us, and that is why we strive to be transparent, honest and a trustworthy real estate partner to our clients.

Our properties are located in various regions of the country, and are geared towards either residential, commercial, or agricultural development (many of them in large scale acreages); and selected for their ability to provide value, and high returns in case of profit-centred ventures.

Our exclusive listings, that showcase properties that no one else in the market is aware of, gives us an upper edge in the market and confirms our credibility and firm reputation in the eyes of the property sellers.

Further, we have invested heavily in our core team members; and specifically in our directorship who not only have a global reputation but are also well-connected locally and are familiar with the specific nuances that drive the Kenyan real estate market.

This rich background, our commitment to integrity and professionalism and the curated properties available on our portfolio make us confident in our ability to deliver the right property for your specific needs.

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